Exp date on mallard malt extract

Silly question, but is there supposed to be an expiration date on the malt extracts from mallard malts? I see nothing on it. Just paranoid from the cans of Muntons and anything I got when I was playing with the mr.beer kit. I have gotten alot of expired stuff from both, slowing down my brewing replacing the malt extracts.

What part of the world are you in and where did you order that you got expired cans? I’ve ordered/ used from all 3 you mentioned and never had an issue.

my MR.beer stuff was from mr.beer web site, my full on brew that wasnt, was from kegerator (was tryin not to name names) They didnt have anymore of that extract on hand, or kits, so the refunded my money, minus the shipping charges.

Sorry, also in Colorado Springs, Colorado