Exotic woods

Anyone have experience with different types of wood aging? I have two oak and one Spanish cedar under my belt; both I plan to experiment more with. I smelt a sandalwood carving awhile ago and it was great. Google shows some results like smoking a barley wine grain bill with pecan wood, Palo Santo ect. Just looking for a topic weather its been done or just a thought.

I think there’s a company out there that does beechwood aging. I’ve heard the beer isn’t so good, though. :wink:

haha i saw that beechwood beer the other day at the store and thought to myself, “Nice try Bud”

What about smoking woods such as apple, cherry, mesquite, etc…

That’s what I mean there seem to be a lot of good options out there. Like hickory aged smoked porter. I very briefly read a comment on another thread similar to this one and someone said certain woods contain a compound that would make people sick if ingested. Would hate to end up with 5 gallons of vomit juice…keep it for unwanted guest!

I’m a wood turner, have worked with may “Exotics” and advise caution if you want “really exotic” woods i.e. cocobolo, ebony, bocote, chechen etc. as they may contain elements you would rather not inject in your system.

Does it happen to be the same element in these woods or an array of different ones?

Sorry for delay… If you stay with native hardwoods i.e. Hickory, maple, cherry, apple & mesquite for smoking foods, they make whiskey barrels from white oak family as the grain is not open like that of red. The real exotics i.e. cocobolo contain oils that can if you are allergic create a rather nasty reaction. Native hardwoods are the safe choice.

I’m seeing a Smoked porter aged on some hickory in the future. Be creative with your wood boys!

I’m seeing a Smoked porter aged on some hickory in the future. Be creative with your wood boys![/quote]