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Eww - congealed yeast

I am very new to all grain brewing and just racked an NB chocolate milk stout after 12 days in the primary.

When I finished and went to clean my carboy, I noticed the trub was a nasty consistency of… oh, I dunno… congealed hamburger grease? It was kind of nasty. Flopped out in chunks.

Should I be concerned? Is this normal? I used the SA-04 that came with the kit (I just pitched it dry).

Thanks in advance


Perfectly normal for S-04,
Certain yeast, especially many English types, tend to flocculate well.
They do their work then get out of the way.
Makes for a nice clear beer to rack when they flocculate like that, don’t it?

Thank you kindly for putting my worry to rest. It was going to be a night of many beers to relieve me of my concerns.

Now, I’ll have to have a night of many beers to celebrate my good fortune!



Perfectly normal with highly flocc. strains. I’ve had some strains that I thought I could peel out.

Looks like your fermenter took a poo when it comes out huh.

I think it was PacMan or some other yeast my friend gave me, but it was FREAKY watching it float around.
You can see massive chunks of yeast floating around in this video I shot:

(Fast Forward to about the last 1/8th of the video)

CREEPY… but awesome! :cheers:

Wyeast 1968 London Ale. Flocculating while spinning on a stir plate. I was worried at first, but was told “Yup. That’s just how that yeast is.” It looks cool, but creepy gross.
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