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Everyone Needs One of These

That is some very cool stuff there! I like old stuff like that, perhaps to see how close it resembles how we brew today! Sneezles61

That is sweet. Thanks for sharing it!

Very cool.


Alot of good advice. Where did you come across that

I got it from an antiques dealer I know (my Mom LOL). No telling where she got it. I’ll post some of the other information and recipes when I get the time.

Pretty funny all these anal home brewers now. I remember my neighbor back in the sixties used to make beer in a crock pot covered withe a dish towel. It was hit and miss with carbonation every once and awhile would blow up but man his basement smelled good

Yeah, reading this little booklet and all you do is throw some crap in crock with yeast, cover it, pour it in bottles through cheesecloth without stirring it up, and VOILA, beautiful lager! :yum:

That’s it. I have an old crock I’ve always wanted to see if I could replicate what he made just using what was available pre 1978 when Carter made home brewing legal

I get a kick out of reading how they used to brew. It makes me wonder if we get too involved with some of the process. I have always said the key to homebrewing is to make sure everything is clean first but still wonder how far is too far.

I have been known to go against the grain (pun intended) and think about what you prepare for dinner on plates that were just washed, not painstakingly sanitized. What would happen if we just washed and dried our fermenters and stuff then used them again next time just like your dinner plate?

Yes I understand there is a difference between eating that just BBQed steak off a plate and sweet wort in contact with the fermenter perhaps for months. I’m also not sure I want to risk five gallons of perfectly good beer for an experiment in cleanliness.

Well, I think I already did it LOL: Ruh rohhh

I never provided an update other than the first one being drain cleaner. There were actually 3 beers in question and 2 were just fine. The more I think about it, based on comments received, and what I’ve learned, I think the drain cleaner was the victim of a terrible recipe: Black Session IPA?

Even if one can get away with a lot more than we think, I still will maintain good practices. :mask:

I would guess in the old days of a crock and cheese cloth there was plenty of drain cleaner. I imagine they choked some down as to not waste it. Still cool reading how it was done before we got so “smart”.

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Wow that is incredible. I collect old books and magazines. I bet that is worth a few bucks there. Is there an isbn on that by chance?

Bad beer is better than no beer? LOL

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@corogers there is no IBSN I can find. It was copyrighted in 1919. Here’s the introduction page:

That is really cool. Definitely hold on to that but if you decide to sell let me know :slight_smile:

Some recipes:

Did you score that at a garage sale or something?

It was given to me by a dealer I know.

Even better.

So with prohabition starting in 1917, that may have been a black market book! We have some antiques shops up in Duluth that sell old cans of malted barley wort! I have read how they were intended for baking bread and such, as a sweeter! And then as you look closer, it tells you to remove the label for more instructions… Brewing is in our genes! Sneezles61

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