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Ruh rohhh

Just pulled my half full container of “sanitizer” out and figured out it’s cleanser. The funny part is I KNOW the two are not interchangeable so how the heck I bought this and used it as sanitizer is beyond me. It looks like the same stuff I was using before but definitely is not the same stuff. So far no issues (well maybe a Heady Topper issue) but going to the LHBS later to get some Star San. Doh! :persevere:


Oh well… RDWHAHB…



You said it brother.

I’d say, VND… very nicely done. I don’t mind the state your brew is in, some others may. Heck, I see that and I am thankful, I don’t need to take vitamin supplements, all those complex B vitamins in that glass… Sneezles61

My doctor had me taking B3 but after I started this hobby I was able to stop. Uric acid increased though.

Not good for gout then. Is it just too much acid? Sneezles61

High in purines. I try to compensate by drinking alot of water tea and coffee


May have the first casualty of the cleanser debacle. The dark ale we made hydrometrred at 1.002. Tasted it and it was bitter nasty and has some weird tan stuff floating in top. First drain cleaner. :disappointed_relieved:

Sad to hear, maybe Pork Chop can help you determine what it turned into, and a salvage? Sneezles61

If you used the cleanser like stars san and didn’t rinse I’m sure it’s done for

Sorry to hear that WM. Sucks when one goes down the drain.

How did the thread get to gout? Taking Allopurinol daily prevents it for me.

Thanks for the support. Lesson learned though the hard way.

Well on the bright side, two of the other 3 are confirmed okay. Dry hopped a Mosaic single hop with 2 oz. and cold crashing the off the Topper. Still got a Speckled Heifer fermenting. We shall see…

Hmm gout? Not sure how we got here either but what the heck.

Told my son we made our first “sour”. Not in a good way though.

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