Estimating boil off for a 10 gallon batch

Hi All,

Looking for an opinion: I am a all grain brewer moving from 5 to 10 gallon batches.

Previously we experienced about 6 qts of boil off for a 1 hr boil (5 gallon batch in a 15 gal pot with a moderately vigorous boil).

With a 10 gal batch in the same pot, should I expect about twice the amount of boil off?


For 10 gallon batches I target 12-13 gallons pre-boil.
I would try that and take notes for your system.

I don’t notice an appreciable difference between 5 versus 10 gallon batches. The only way to know for sure is to fill up to your estimated boil volume and boil it for an hour.

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I have only done it once but did not experience any more boil off then I do with 5 gallon batches

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I target 14 gallons… I expect some loss due to the very fine trub, yeast, handling… And most important, sampling!
If want to cut it so close, you’ll be disappointed… Brew to what you expect an oversized batch will make… Then, if its too much… your a winner of a chicken dinner!..Sneezles61

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I would keep your 5 gallon setup so you can do some parti-gyle brewing! I’ve been very anxious to try that soon.

Same here not big difference between a 5 or 10 gal. Brew. Boil off

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Kent, since you are brewing a 10 gallon batch in the same BK as you did the 5 gallon batch, I would expect the same boil off rate because the surface area and boil time would be the same.

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