Erdinger Schneeweisse

Had a German friend over and he brought me a 12 pack of Erdinger Schneeweisse. He was very impressed with my doppelbock and wants me to try and brew up his favorite weisbier. We started saving the yeast from the bottle and he wants to buy all the ingredients for a batch. Anyon have a recipe?

OK. No help here but I’ll add what I’ve found out from searching the Internet. The secret is the lager yeat that is added to the bottle for conditioning. Also some saved wort is used for priming. Does this sound right?

Looks like a standerd weis bug maybe a little darker. I’m not a fan of this beer but he wants to make an investment so I’ll brew it up. I’ll get a sack of wheat in the deal so I can brew up a Belgian wit which I prefer. Trying to see if I can split the ten gallons but the Erdinger needs clean yeast and my wit needs Belgian yeast and spices. Something to think about.

Hey brew cat, I’ve been following your quest for info on this hefe, but like others ive just never encountered or brewed thiis ale. Looks like an interesting product, reviews are mid pack suggesting it’s not a great hefe but somewhere between a standard hefe and a Weizenbock with a unusual seasonal/winter release. Probably another brew that tastes better fresh on tap aus Deutchsland. So it might taste great brewed up fresh!

He says they serve it on tap at one of the local German clubs. I know it’s bottle conditioned and it may be keg primed because he said the have to push it with only a few psi to keep it from foaming. It’s highly carbonated. He tells me it’s the champagne of wheat beer. It is mild but it is fun on the tongue.

Probably that “methodes champagnoise or methodes bavaroise” i saw referenced for bottle priming.

Finally got around to this. Brewed 10 gallons of pale and had everything out so I brewed this Weiss. As far as I could find out the schneeweisse is pretty much the same as their regular Weiss just stronger and darker. So I just added Munich to the recipe to darken and bump the OG. Used WL300 going to bottle it with the yeast I grew from the bottle.