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Since I’ve started brewing I seem to keep accumulating more and more equipment but it just doesn’t seem to be enough. I only have two fermenters and figure I only need about 4 more. I bought secondaries so I could free up the primaries. A week ago I had 21 gallons of brew at various stages of fermentation and was wanted to brew some more so I could try a couple of new recipes of different styles. It’s very satisfying for me to share some brew I’ve made with some friends so there’s no trouble with refrigerator or product storage space. :sunglasses: At what point does this become classified as an obsession as opposed to a hobby? :scream:

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Soon… for me, bottling was the bottleneck. I have 3 kegs, now, and boy, is it fun to rip through beer. I’ll be on the lookout for more kegs, soon, as it’s entirely possible to have all 3 tied up.

Turns into a obsession beer brewing. And me running out of space. Seems got more and more fermentors. Now even got. Speidel fermentors waiting at customs. Even with my 8 beer kegs. I need more

No matter how Much or what I have I am always looking for more or building it. I just bottle as I can’t afford the start-up for kegging…But iut doesn’t stop me from looking scheming and pleading with the wife! Lol​:beer::beer::beer:


Eventually you will have your system set and just need to spend money on ingredients.

I’m right there with you! Filled my 3rd keg last night, lagering a Bock in my new kegerator. Said kegerator already was housing a keg of Bohemian pilsener currently on tap, and a keg of Porter still force carbing. all at 12 psi. Still have room for another keg without a collar, and an additional 2 kegs with a collar(way down the road). By design, I will be bottling my next brew, a cherry saison.

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