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Equipment question

Looking at cheap alternatives to mini co2 regulators. Can an o2 regulator be used for co2 regulator and has anyone tried the kobalt mini regulators? Also, looks like you can get cheap regulators for aquariums?

Also, I am starting to see cheap new kegs in 3 gal and 5 gal sizes. Apparently made in China. I am also reading that the welds may contain lead. Anyone try these? Is the lead concern a myth? I would assume all welds have some lead?

There should be no difference in the “body” of the O2 regulator. But the “nut” (and pipe?) connecting to the bottle is different. These can be change out to the correct attachment for a CO2 bottle.

I remember some discussion on the kolbalt tool type regulator. Can’t think what the outcome was. I think it worked, but the cost of the refill bottles is high. Look at the adapter for paintball CO2 tanks for a less expensive alternative. With the adapter, available at other online stores but not NB, the paintball tank attaches to a normal regulator.

If these new kegs have a NSF stamp on them they should be fine. (National Sanitary Foundation)

This is my setup: 20oz paintabll canister, c02 regulator and a PAintball adapter ( … P1954.aspx)

ML, thanks for the link. I didn’t realize there was a direct fit item to the regulator. I set mine up 3-4 years ago. I use a “on/off” body to depress the pin on the tank and connect to the normal nut on the regulator.

With the adapter you list, there is no need to find the correct pipe/nut for a CO2 tank. Just screw the adapter into the regulator.


Right on. I get the paintabll tanks from pawn shops for 2 or 3 bucks each. 2 buck to refill them and bam, your kegging on the fly!

Where are you seeing these new cheap kegs? I (and probably others) would like to check them out.

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