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Equipment for sale

Have scaled back my operations a bit and have some equipment for sale. Here it is:

4 ball lock kegs all with new seals after initial purchase: $30 each or best offer

3 gallon better bottle with racking adapter and simple flow valve: $30 or best offer

Johnson Digital temp controller (barely used): $50 or best offer

6 Gallon glass carboy: $20 or best offer

5 gallon glass carboy: $20 or best offer

Colonna capper/corker (never used): $40 or best offer

16 oz. bottles (around 30 of them): $1 a piece

Beer gun with necessary tubes, etc. $50

I live in Vadnais Heights, MN (just north of st. paul).

Thanks everyone.

I would be interested in two of the ball locks.

First, I would advise hanging onto your stuff. Circumstances my change again.
Think hard.

That said…
I might be interested in the Johnson temp controller and two ball locks.

Just wanted to add, I live nowhere close so we would have to work out shipping arrangements.


The two kegs are yours - contact me to arrange for pick up. Let me know if for some reason you are not interested anymore since there are several people who want them.


Greg obviously got to the kegs first. I am leary about shipping the temp controller - don’t want it to get thrown around.

I am not getting much interest in this other stuff just yet. Make an offer on it and I may take it. Need to make some room in this house…

You have decent prices, try Craigslist. There are lots of brewers in your area.

Do you still have two kegs left? I’d be interested in two. I pm’d you earlier not sure if you received it.


I would really like the carboys, but since I live in Cheyenne, I’m not sure it would be reasonable to ship them here.


I’m interested in the beer gun. Can you tell me what type? Maybe a link to the actual model?

pm sent

I guess I’m out. Its too long a drive for a pickup.

i am interested in your temp controller and 16 oz bottles if u still have them. Are the bottles grolsch style swing tops? Let me know and we can talk further details. thanks

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