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English Yeast for APA?

Any of you ever use an English yeast when making an American Pale Ale? If so, what strain? I’m thinking something like WLP 007 for it’s attenuation, but I’ve never done this.

I’m doing a simple pale ale with MO, .25# C60, and .25# Carapils. All amarillo hops to 45 IBUs. I’m just looking for a little more fermentation character to give it a little more complexity.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


I used S04 once because it was all I had around at the time. The Cascade dominated so much that I didn’t notice a difference compared to US05. I say go for it.

It is extremely common especially here on the east coast.

IMHO I would use 007 in a APA in a heartbeat. Great Yeast and flavor profile. :cheers:

I also think that recipe will be a great place to start.

In the new Stone Brewing Comp book, Stone recommends using WLP002 or WLP007 for their Stone Pale Ale clone. Appearently their house strain is english, but not available to the public.

WLP007 makes great American ales - you can mash higher and use more crystal and still get FGs in the 1.010-1.012 range.

I use english yeast for just about everything, unless I’m brewing for a competition. You’ll get some english character, but that sounds like what you want.

I probably use English yeasts more than anything else, including my house APA. It varies on the beer, but S04, WLP028 Edinburgh, Nottingham and even an interesting WLP005 have made pretty decent APA’s.

If you want something fairly clean for the first time, I’d suggest the S04. It’s cheap, has a decent attenuation and fairly neutral. You can always switch it up next time.

I do love my British bitters and I always have one or two English ale yeasts on hand, but I stick with US05 for my APAs just for the dry finish and the low fruity esters. Since I have an APA and a best bitter as house ales, I want to keep them a little more distinct from each other.

for those of you that use wyeast 1098= WLP007
Another good one is 1028 London Ale.

Also, for those of you who use 007, do you use a lower fermentation temp? Say, maybe, 63-65? I just made an arrogant bastard clone with 1098 and fermented around 68. The esters were a little stronger than I wanted and I ended up dry-hopping to help cover it up.

I use my British ale yeasts at around 65F but I’ll warm them up a little after the peak of fermentation is passed so they finish stronger.

[quote=“Chinaski1217”]Also, for those of you who use 007, do you use a lower fermentation temp? [/quote]Pitch and ferment at 64F, raise to 68F after a week or so to finish off works for me.

Sometimes it doesn’t even take a week for things to get done, when the airlock activity slows I warm it up.

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