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End of the World Ale?

So with the world scheduled to “end” in a little over the year I’m planing an RIS to be brewed come December and aged a full year till 12/21/2012. I’m just curious if anyone else is thinking of doing something like this.

I really don’t buy into that end of the world thing. Besides, if I did I’d start drinking up all my big beers that I’ve been holding on to. Then if the world didn’t end I’d be hung over and pissed.

LOL. My sentiments exactly…knuckleheads throughout recorded history have been making doomsday predictions…too many to even keep track of.

I’m booked for a show all of next December and fully expect to finish the run, celebrate afterwards with many beers, and enjoy a chuckle over the NEXT round of doomsday predictions that will surely pop up.

At least if I’m wrong and the human race finally succeeds in blowing itself up, nobody will be around to tell me “…I told you so…” :lol:

I hadn’t thought of that, but I like it. I did brew a batch of Dead Prick Ale in early May to be consumed on 9/11 to properly mourn the death of bin Laden. It went great with the shredded pork and football kickoff weekend!

Am I the only one that senses sarcasm about the “end” in Deadeye’s post? Obviously we know the world isn’t going to and I think the OP is just poking a lil’ fun at that. I’ve heard of friends throwing an “Rapture Party” poking fun at the predicted Rapture that didn’t happen. So why not show your support with a themed beer? After all, the disease that will make us all into zombies is currently mutating in some creature/lab experiment.



sure I get the sarcasm. Some times my dry humor comes off a little serious. If I could of got the smilies to work I would of put one behind the" hung over and pissed off" comment. Damn, still can’t get those smilies to work. I think I just might make my own end of the world ale. Maybe I’ll call it “Aztec Annihilation Ale”.

Brewing a BW for 11-11-11. Not planning on touching it for a least a year, should work out to be pretty close. Got a RIS planned for this Dec. Might be enjoying both on that day.

Love it. I’ll put some “Checking Out Imperial Stout” on the plan.

change that to something Mayan.

Ok…skepticism aside…in the spirit of the fun of all the brewhaha surrounding 2012, I guess I’ll brew my Xmas 2012 beer on 12/12 of this year.

It will be both my ‘just in case the nutjobs are correct’ brew and my annual Xmas brew.
I’ll take the first taste on 12/12/12, and then wait and have one for breakfast on 12/19/12 (or whatever day they decide is ‘the one’).
I expect, though, that I’ll be enjoying the rest of the batch until at least early spring of 2013. :mrgreen:

I imagine this question has been asked for a century or two. Brewer asks ruler of all the lands, “say, should I brew anything for next week?” thus the end of the world beer was born :slight_smile:

Too late. World’s already ended twice this year: 5.21 and 10.21. My Rapture Ale was delish on both.


Am I the only one who clicked this page hoping for a Unibroue recipe?
End of the World
Fin du monde

I thought about this last year before I started brewing.
ApocALEypse Brau, the “beer to end all beers”.

I’ll probably whip something up like a APA or an amber early next November. I like the idea of a session beer so I’m not too wasted when the shlt hits the fan, I may need to be able to aim my guns halfway straight when word gets out that I have beer.

I like the idea of “New World Currency Ale”. After all, whatever apocalypse strikes us, alcohol, guns and fuel will be the new currency, so it’ll probably be a big beer with a midget sibling(partigyle) to make the most of our remaining precious grains.

Unless were all just annihilated, then it won’t realy matter.

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