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Enchanted Brewing Challenge 2019

The 2019 Enchanted Brewing Challenge is open to all amateur homebrewers and cider and mead makers in the USA. The competition will take place at Southwest Grape and Grain in Albuquerque. Winners will be awarded medals and may also be eligible to win great prizes from one of our many generous sponsors. (NOTE: You must be present at the awards ceremony to receive prizes, other than medals. If you can’t make it, you may send a representative to to receive your prize for you.)

Important dates:

Entry Registration – March10 - April 12
Judging - April 18-21, April 26-27
Awards Ceremony - April 28

For more information, please go to our website.

Another brewer to join in on our forum… Sneezles61

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I agree. It would be nice if these new members would join in on the convo since this forum is kind enough to allow them to market their competitions.

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I’m sure they just go down the list of forums and send out invitations you can’t comment on all of them and I don’t think they are looking for a response or even check back. Should have a post it board for stuff like this

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I see it’s under beer events so that seems appropriate

Northern Brewer suggested that I post it here.


That’s fair. It’s just that many of you could contribute a significant amount of experience and info to the forum!

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Maybe its also an opportunity to join in on our talk… We are brewers too! Sneezles61

“Why do you care, I don’t”

I am a brewer but I don’t think I have the experience to make much of a contribution to the wealth of knowledge I’ve been reading here. I probably have more questions than answers and now that I know this forum is here, I will probably take advantage of that. It looks like a good resource!

Thank you, sneezles, for the nice welcome.

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