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Ella hop substitute

A friend of mine asked me to brew him an ipa. He wants something like his fav IPA that uses Ella hops exclusively. My local shop doesn’t carry them so I’m thinking about using galaxy and something else as a substitute. Any suggestions?
Also, thinking about the grain bill, I usually stick with 2 row, c20 and a little carapils in my IPAs. Any suggestions on something different I can do there?
For reference the beer he likes his 60 ibus and very light in color

I would try a combo of Galaxy and Saaz.

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A 100 percent Maris Otter IPA might be a nice switch or if he really likes it light in color a "white IPA " with 20% wheat malt in place of the c20 and carapils.

Make you grain bill to 5% then bring the ABV up to 6.5% using table sugar… A dryer IPA? Sneezles61

What’s his favorite IPA? You may be able to find info on the grain bill and hops schedule.

I like the idea of saaz hops and really like the idea of using maris otter. If I do a 50/50 of maris otter and regular 2 row will it be noticable?

Its called umbrella ipa by pelican brewing. I checked their website, just says the beer is brewed with Ella hops only and has a “clean malt finish”.

50% Maris Otter should be noticeable. “Rich, nutty flavor”, generally a good quality malt. Nothing wrong with 2 row or pale malt, just that they are more of a blank canvas for other flavors(hops and specialty malts) to shine.

Based on the color I’d say it’s definitely got some C malt or something in it to give it that light amber color. Base could be anything really, two row or MO but MO would definitely give it a different flavor like @voodoo_donut mentions.

Love both of these hops

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Beer is done. Got to the brew store and they were all out of galaxy and saaz! I called my buddy and talked him into going a different direction. I appreciate everyone’s input anyway. There is a silver lining though, all the suggestions really got me thinking, and I realized I’ve had pretty bad tunnel vision regarding my grain bills. I used 50/50 maris otter and 2 row in this beer, and going to overhaul the grain bill on a few brews I make on a regular basis. Thanks for all the insight cheers.

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