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Election day

Any beer related issues on the ballot around the country. The big one around here a few years ago was letting breweries sell beer on their property. That was a real boost to the CT craft beer industry

We already voted early but I am interested. Please let’s not have this turn into a political fight over non-beer related stuff or it will be deleted though.


Happy voting day all!

@hd4mark that’s one of things I love about this forum. I can’t recall ever seeing a political thread!

Loudoun County, Virginia voted about 4 years ago to allow the sale of beer at ‘farm breweries’. Before that it wasn’t legal. One local family who owned and operated a vineyard/winery had started brewing and selling beer then got shut down by the county because their beer wasn’t covered under the statute that allowed them to sell wine as a “product of their farm”. Since they didn’t grow barley or hops the beer didn’t qualify. They rented a space in town and opened a craft beer pub to sell the beer they brewed on the farm then a couple years later the statute was changed and there are “farm breweries” everywhere! Tough luck, and expensive, being the first guy to challenge the status quo!

So if you get to the DC area check out the LoCo Brew trail. You won’t be disappointed, we have some great breweries!

Thanks @dannyboy58, I will be in the Reston area for a couple of weeks around Thanksgiving and will have to check out the LoCo Brew Trail.

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No beery issues in Florida this election. Heading out to the polls/precinct this afternoon. Then a homebrew, snacks and watch the results tonight.

So. What this about. No election or impeachment. Pfff time to go home and have a pint

It’s midterm elections for house, senate, governor in some states, local elections…

Sort of what we do have in europe. Only if. The mid ellections are not in fav of the president. So most partys want him out. Than there will be new elections

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Vote for me. I promise a chicken in every pot and a fermenter in every garage!

Here it’s sometimes considered a referendum on the presidency if there’s a massive change in the house or senate but we don’t have the option to change the president like you guys do. I personally agree that 2 years is usually too short a time to judge a presidency but obviously there have been administrations that I would like to have seen ended at two years… No system is perfect I guess…

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Can you believe prohibition lasted 13 years? I’d be angry 13 days in.

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How about cannabis, anyone voting on that ? Kind of boring at the polls here. We’re changing governor’s but I can care less really. I was excited because some kids gave me free tickets for the play they will be putting on at the middle School. But then I was told I would have to pay anyway.

Yeah, Michigan has recreational pot on the ballot.

I voted, but i will have a couple of brown ales, watch college basketball, and skip all of the jibber-jabber on the elections and get the results tomorrow.

Virginia is a few years away from making a move on cannabis I think…northern VA would probably pass it overwhelmingly at this point but the rest of the state is more conservative.

I saw on our ballots, alot of cannabis for tomorrow party peeps… I’m not so sure, thats what is needed… IF we are going to get things done… We all need to sit down with some great brews and have discussions…
Wilco, how do your candidates for office get their info out? Sneezles61

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In holland they try to change the law again about the weed law. Due to european laws. You can grow now 6 plants. But they want to change it to 4. Like weed farms are not allowed. A. Coffee shop can not buy weed. But is allowed to sell in their store. Kind of confusing. Its legal but its not

We now have recreational weed in our Michigan. A person can only grow 12 plants and only buy up to two ounces a day… Think it might be a little tough for the newly elected Governor to find people to help her keep her promise to “…fix the damn roads!” Cookie sales should go up though! :laughing: At least all the political ads are finally over. :sunglasses:

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YES… and end to all the ugly ad stuff! Sneezles61

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