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Edelmetall Won't Light

Try lighting it with the shutter plate completely closed
then adjust back to blue flame once it is lit. This should work for you. If not, please contact us at

Thanks for the reply, i just got a chance to try that. I closed the shutter plate, open the gas with the lighter on and i get a big pop and the flame just got back to towards the needle valve. I turned the gas off and tried it again but got the same thing, tried it once more letting the gas run then light the lighter and then it worked. Like i said before shouldn’t be so hard to light, the big pop scares me, thinking its going to blow up. Thanks for any help. Thanks Dave C

Dave C,

My friend has your burner and I use the Blichmann. We brew together. He has had this problem and I have advised him like PorkChop has here. The only difference is that I make him open the tank, then the regulator with enough gas force that you can hear it. Then light the burner and it works every time. If he opens the gas only slightly and does not hear it he will have the backfire into the Venturi.


Thanks for the reply. I tried this and it worked. I didn’t think it would matter that the propane tank valve wasn’t most of the way open. Thanks for the help. Back to brewing… Dave

I recently got the Edelmetall and have not been able to get it lit over the last few days. I’ve tried some of the suggestions here, but no luck so far. I have a brand new propane tank that was full (down about an 1/8th with all the times I’ve tried lighting it). Sometimes, I’ll get some of the burner holes going, but then it will just die out, even if I open up the regulator. I know the propane is making it to the burner since I can smell, and hear it. I can also see the gas pushing around the flame when I light it. I’ve tried several different positions for the air intake, and have the tank valve all the way open.

Anyone have any more suggestions?

Are you trying to light it at the burner? Not the spot where the air is mixed.

Yes, I’m trying to light it at the burner level. I’m not trying to light it in the venturi.

Did you try different gas regulator. Or maybe the injectors. Of the burner. Are blocked. Or just your tank gets low.

Gee whiz, its time to call the place you got it from and let them know whats going on. Sneezles61

Hello, I have had the same problem with mine, tried all the suggestions on this post and none have really worked. Not sure where to go from here so I just keep using my darkstar 2.0.

Mayby a flow restrictor issue

Mine is brand new so I hope it is not the regulator, injector, or blocked burner. My tank was new & full when I started.

I’ll give them a call when I get a chance.

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Good old ugly bayou classic turkey burner…lights every time, sips propane and works great…Fancy burners don’t make better beer.

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One more idea to try. Opening the valve on the tank too rapidly can cause the safety regulator to engage. Disconnect the gas line at both ends. Wait 5 minutes from the last attempt to light the burner. Reconnect the gas line and open the valve on the tank very slowly. If the burner fails to light continue opening the valve to full open and give it a tiny bit of pressure to snug the valve at full open.

I tried flars’ suggestion about opening the valve slowly, but that didn’t change anything.

I tried it again tonight, and it was easier to see the flames, and what was going on. I posted a video of it at Edelmetall Bru Burner won't stay lit - YouTube. When I open the regulator just a little bit, I can get some of the burners to come on with a low flame. At best, it was about 3/4 of them. When I try to increase the heat by opening up the regulator, flames increase a bit, but then start going out. If I keep the regulator open at the higher setting, all the flames eventually go out.

Could it be that the propane is coming out too fast? Maybe the regulator is not dropping the pressure enough?

That looks very much to me like the regulator has tripped into restriction. Disconnect the regulator from the tank. Open the regulator control ALL THE WAY until it stops. Allow it to stay that way for 1 minute. Shut the regulator control off. Reconnect tot he propane tank. Very slowly, turn the propane tank valve on. Then slowly turn the regulator control on. attempt to light.


You got your problem solved ? Just buy extra reg. Conect this one see if this is the issue. Work your list of problems. This way down.

Regulators have a protection mode that they go ingot when a flow problem is detected. This mode is reset through the process I outlined above. I have experienced this situation and have solved it through the reset method I wrote.

I’ve tried the regulator reset several times and still no luck. It starts up on low but when I try to increase the heat by opening up the regulator more, the burners start to go out and eventually they all go out. It must be the regulator. I want NB to send me a new one since this is brand new. I’ll be calling them tomorrow.

Good luck with your issue. This sucks. But must say nb. Pretty good with replacement. Got a broken alloy in the mail. No problem they did replace. With no issue

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