Ed Worts Apfelwein clearing with bentonite then reyeast?

Hi, I have my first hard cider in a glass carboy secondary fermenter. It has been a month and its still very cloudy. I was thinking about clearing it with a bentonite or bentonite/ sparkloid addition. With this work? and still leave enough yeast to carb with sugar. I used Montrachet yeast but have NB CBC kegging yeast that I use in beers. I made a 5 gallon batch and I would like to bottle carb half the batch and stabilize and force carb the other half to campare.


Gelatin (Knox or store brand unflavored stuff at the grocery store) works well. I have used in the past a half packet (I think that’s about a tablespoon) dissolved in 2 oz of water in the microwave. Microwave for short periods stirring after each heating until dissolved. I don’t think you want to boil it. Can’t remember the reason why right now. Pour it into your cider in the carboy with a gentle stir with something sanitzed. It will look like milk, but give it a day or so, and it will clear that cider up quite a bit. Dave is the forum expert on ciders. I’m sure he’ll chime in and correct me if I have written anything in error here.

Hi, Thank you for the reply. I will try the gelatin after I rack the cider from the lees. I want to carbonate the cider. I have a 5 gallon korny keg and co2 but I may consider bottle carbonating with priming sugar. I have been saving champagne bottles for this cider.