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Easy Drinking "Light" Beer

With football season starting I’d usually be slamming cases of busch light in the parking lot but unfortunately that won’t be happening this year so I’m looking for a crowd pleasing beer that is light but still has more flavor than the mass produced light beers. Anyone have a recommendation for a crowd pleasing beer that you can drink a lot of on football weekends? I’m currently thinking about doing a cream ale and adding some blueberry or cherry

All grain or extract?
My cream ale is American 6row-72 %
Flaked corn-22%
Cane sugar-6%

Yeast Wyeast 1450 or S23 dry

Magnum or nugget to bitter///. ( 23 IBU total)
Willamette 1 oz at 15 min

Thanks voodoo! I do extract but shouldn’t be too hard to get something similar to that

Our host. Sells. Drydock paragon apricot blond. Nice easy light beer to drink

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Your basic american wheat does well with a fruit addition. Cherry and raspberry work very well, blueberry not so much. I have had very good fruit beers with apricot and mango as well.

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It might take a few extra weeks but you go for a nice kolsch. 90 Pilsner 10 Vienna and the secret ingredient being a few ounces of aciduated malt to give it that little bit of tart snap. Wyeast kolsch and some German hops and you’ll have a winner.

Years ago I made a kolsch style extract beer and gave some to a dedicated Coors Light drinker. She liked it. She didn’t think homebrew would taste like real beer.:unamused:
Luckily for her she was a good friend.

I find it to be a style that’s hard not to like. Been talking about it so much I just might have to brew another one.

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