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Easy DIY Ladder "Tower" System

I wanted to put together an easy low dollar gravity system. I’ve been using an existing 48 qt. cooler for a mash tun with a homemade bazooka, which works well. But I was heating my strike water on the stove and mashing in the kitchen and then doing the boil in the garage, which then had to be brought back into the kitchen HOT for cooling with an immersion cooler. Dangerous and hard on the back. So I found a used beverage cooler on Craigslist for a good price and a solar circulating pump on Amazon also for a very reasonable price ($22). It runs on 12 v. dc and will pump water up to 212* at 2+ GPM. So I heat my strike water, mash in, and while mashing, heat my sparge water. I use 2x4’s across a step ladder to support the various components. I used it the other day to brew a batch and with a little tweaking will work like I hoped. The pump is a little fussy to get and keep primed but once I got the hang of it was not a problem. Now I can do the whole process in the garage up to the point where it has to be transferred into the fermentor. The attached picture has things setup just for illustration purposes. (Not sure why the uploader flipped my picture on it’s side)


Git-R-Done engineering. I love it!

I do hope you open the door, or maybe even brew on the driveway.

I understand OSHA is going to rule aluminum/conductive ladders out of the job site. So with that, there should be a whole lot of these ladders available…. cheap! Sneezles61


No worry in the summer the doors are wide open and partially open in the winter.

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