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Easy Dens

Does anyone know Anton Paar’s “Easy Dens” (density meter)? I would like to brew my first beer.

I want to buy an Easy Dens, because an app can be used.

What do you think about this idea? :slight_smile:

Looks like a nice machine. A little too rich for me now at that price point for homebrew level.

I would google some reviews too.

Edited: Also wanted to welcome you to the forum. A lot of good knowledgeable people here that also act in a respectful way.

Good luck with your new hobby!


I would go the more traditional route of a hydrometer in the beginning. Gravity is not really something that needs to be constantly monitored like temperature. But if you have the cash go for it. I’m not sure why all the picture I found of the Easy Dens show it hooked up to a mini fermenter.

I would use a refractometer for brew day… Then when taking your final samples to see if fermentation is done… a finishing hydrometer… Sneezles61

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Hydrometers are cheap. Which is good because I drop them all the time. I’d drop that thing too. Or toss it twenty feet onto concrete like I do all the time with my cell phone.

I’ll stick with cheap for gravity readings. Seems like overkill for homebrewing.

All that extra brew I didn’t have dump on brew day… Refractometer! :grin: ^^^^^^:disappointed: Sneezles61

Same here on brew day i use refractometer. During fermenting. Use my hydrometer. Take about 2 readings during fermenting. 1 after 8 to 10 days. When active fermenting stops. And than about. 2 to 3 weeks later. Dont want to open the fermentor to much

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I still have my first hydrometer. I never dropped it or banged it obviously and I keep it in the package it came in.
I do prefer a refractometer though and I us it pre-fermentation and post-fermentation. Post fermentation I use this online calculator and it does the job of correction for alcohol.

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Me broke one hydrometer. Before i had a refractometer. My brew buddy dicided to stir into the fermentor. Pfff ruined batch

I’ve broke a few too… Now I have a couple standard ones just loitering about… To keep them on their toes, I’ll grab one after my fermentation is done to see what my ABV is… Starting then subtract the finished amount… turn it over and see what it reads! I really like this finish one though… When your eye sight just isn’t what it used to be… The larger graduations makes it simpler to read. :rolling_eyes: Sneezles61

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