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Easy Clean solution

Is it safe if a few mililiters of a diluted solution (1tbs/gal) of easy clean no rinse cleaning solution snuck its way into my first batch of beer?

James S

Yes, but…

EasyClean is similar to PBW/OxiClean. They are cleaners and not sanitizers.

If you can’t get some StarSan or Iodophor with out a special order, you can use a bleach solution. Listen to the March 29th podcast for more info. ... radio-2007

Thanks for the response. Glad I am not going to be poisoning anyone.

However to the point of cleaner vs sanitizer. I purchased my kit and equipment and the equipment came with Easy clean and the instructions said I was to use the easy clean to sanitize my equipment. Is that not true? Should I be using something else to sanitize?

James S

You certainly should use a sanitizer. I didnt with my first batch with what was then my new kit. I :cheers:

I wonder if it’s possible that Easy Clean is actually a sanitizer but LD Carlson didn’t go far enough to get the “sanitizer” certification on it. I only say this because this stuff is very powerful. For those who have used it, have you read the instructions? Use goggles, impermeable gloves, do not get on skin, etc. I once ran some warm EasyClean solution through an old cobra tap that looked “mildly amber” colored. I watched as the solution flowed through the tubing and flakes of amber-colored beer came off and the tubing got clearer and clearer. I was very surprised. I used it once because my LHBS didn’t have PBW and this was the only cleanser. I used one tub and when I went back it was only PBW and not EasyClean so I haven’t used it since… but it’s very effective. Cheers.

Use cheap vodka for your airlock. kill cooties and will never harm your beer nor add off flavors.

edit: in a pinch, you can also use it to make an average bloody mary for those sunday-morning brew sessions. can’t do that with any of the others. :wink:


+1 I always keep a cheap bottle of vodka around for my airlocks.
Starsan is my sanitizer of choice as well.

That’s what I tell people too… lol

Vodka is awesome, for airlocks I mean.
Plus it won’t foam like 'san so it can’t get blown out or sucked in.
S locks anyways.

I noticed this typo when we were having a cleanser and sanitizer discussion with another board member and the problem here is its a typo by some LHBS as this stuff is just supposed to be a knock off of PBW and it is meant to be a cleanser nothing more.
Bottom line use a quality Sanitizer such as star san or sani clean, idophor etc…for sanitation needs and/ or vodka in airlocks cant hurt also.
Now that you have the correct knowledge you can better facilitate the two tasks properly.

8 oz Jar w/screw-off lid. Dissolve 1 tablespoon in one gallon of water. Our no-rinse oxygen based compound for cleaning beer and winemaking equipment. Great for removing labels. Packed in cases of 108."

This is the link to the photo LD Carlson has next to the description noted above it is crystal clear if you see the photo.
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