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Early Cones?

WTF is up with the hops this year? I’ve got two 2nd year Cascade that have both gone crazy. They’re on a two story stucco shed and have gone 18 feet to the roofline, then hanging like 4 or 5 feet back down and attaching to the line again. We’re talking mutiple vines, not singles. They’re loaded with burrs and hops, some hops which are almost 2 friggen inches long already.

Was it the mild winter/early spring? Is this normal? I’m just worried I’m going to have a million harvests ha…

I know some of you have similar issues. Anyone else have hops that look like they’re either close to harvest or are just monsterous in size?

I’m in Maryland btw.

The early year has a lot to do with it, especially if you trained some of the early shoots that came up. Also, the difference in vigor between the first and second year (sometimes second and third year) can be drastic. Seems kinda early to me though but I do cut back the first two flushes of growth - just don’t have time for them early on. Hoppy Growing!!

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