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E-Kettle 220V 4500W Element Control Options

I’m sure this topic has been beat to death, but after an exhaustive search of the forum, I haven’t quite found the discussions that I’m after.

Paul Blatz from the AHA forum directed me here, to pose the following question:

I’m looking to add a 240V 4500W heating element to a kettle.
I had previously expected to operate it with a switch, but was informed by a friend that this is a very bad idea & will likely fry the switch in short order.
I’ve looked at the control boxes on & am not entirely impressed.
I think my $ would be better spent on something a little more accurate.

Does anyone have the ability to instruct me on how I would go about using a SSR & PID, to control my element?
Can anyone provide wiring diagrams, for a very basic build?

Would I be on the right track buy purchasing the following parts? ... 359346fe77 ... ducts_id=9 ... cts_id=108

Thanks, in advance.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy participating here.

The parts you referenced in your post are the items you should get - depending…

Please tell us what you are trying to achieve. Based on your element choice, I know you will be dealing with 240V power. How about pump(s)?

The PID can easily control your HLT temperature. Will you also be controlling the MASH temp? How about your boil vessel? Single batches or back to back brew days? What size batches - 5 or 10 gallon?

I’d be glad to set up a wiring plan for you, but a little more information would help a lot as well.


Sorry to leave such a lapse between visits…
Since my previous post, I have thought about automating things with a Brewtroller & actuated valves.
BUT…The valves are outrageously expensive.

I believe I have the wiring diagram that I need to go with a single element, single pump, 2-vessel, HERMS system…But operating valves & pump manually just isn’t all that appealing.

I need to take a step back & evaluate my ‘wants’.

Don’t buy anything new that you don’t have to. I put mine together with mostly surplus parts and it cost me around $400.00 to put together for the controller & heating elements. The biggest cost is in running the electricity to the brewery…

I have the schematics I drew up if you want them.

You can also checkout the Electric Brewing tab on tHey have tons of plans and schematics folks have used.

MonsterMash, those are pool filter housings, right? I’ve always thought they would be an awesome find if I could grab them from a pool company or something as a nice big kettle.

Just check scrap yards and ask when they dump their stainless, if you get there the day before they dump you might find some.

A friend of mine just picked up 5 for $60 each last week.

I would recommend visiting another forum if you want elec advice. PJ is there also. Monster probably is as well. There isn’t much electric here.

MonsterMash, I am building an automated brewery as a senior project for an electronics engineering degree. It would be incredibly helpful if you could send me the schematics for your brewery so that I can look them over and maybe incorporate some of your ideas. I’ll PM you my email address. Thank you so much in advance.

I built an electric kettle based on the info on

I plug it into a 240 V (dryer) outlet to get it to the temp I want fast (it’s also the water bath for my HERMS mash tun), then I plug it into a 120 V outlet controlled by a Johnson digital controller. That’s a pretty low level of automation, but it works well and maintains a decent boil if I wrap the kettle in a couple of towels. It’s also a very cheap solution.

[quote=“onthekeg”]I would recommend visiting another forum if you want elec advice. PJ is there also. Monster probably is as well. There isn’t much electric here.[/quote]

You are correct. I’ve drawn and posted a couple hundred diagrams on that site.


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