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Dunkelweizen All-Grain Kit - Tea flavor with slight lemon?

Just kegged my Dunkelweizen, I let it sit in primary fermenter an extra 2 weeks (5 weeks total) due to some excess sulfur. The sulfur flavor is gone, but it kinda taste like tea, with a slight lemon flavor. I have not seen then in any off flavor guides. any ideas?


How was your mash pH? Sounds a bit like tannin extraction to me.

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I dont have a ph meter. So this could be an issue. My filtered water is typically an 8 from a strip test i got from someone.

It’s quite likely an issue. PH strips tend to read a bit low, although pH of the water doesn’t tell you too much. What kind of filter? Do you have a water report? Water calculators are pretty accurate, so if you have a starting water profile, it makes the pH meter unnecessary.

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The flavor seemed to have developed in the last three weeks. Not sure if that indicates anything.

Might make tannin extraction less likely. However, other flavors can mask it during earlier stages of fermentation. How have your previous batches turned out with the same water source?

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Not any issues priviously. I have well water that is slightly clorinated. I then have a three part filter that does remove chlorine.

Oxidation can also lead to an astringent off flavor. Lemon? Not quiet sure. What hops did you use?

German Tettnang hops,

However I think I might now what it is. Looks like it was infected. Still the flavor is pretty odd for an infection. This is my fermenter when I went to clean it out.

Also at one point the temp dropped in house creating a vacuum on the air lock. Some starsan got in there, so possibly some oxygen too. looks like it might be acetobacter infection…

Yeah, it looks like you had a pellicle on it when you transferred or bottled. Probably LAB, hence the lemon flavor. There’s an infected batch thread in recent topics, might be helpful in recovering. Drink it fast, and up your sanitation game for the next couple batches. Most of the equipment will be ok with a good cleaning.

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Ya it was fine when I tasted it two weeks prior. Should of kegged it and got rid of sulfur by using CO2

So I just had a bottle of new glarus moon man (APA) from a trip last spring. And it tasted like… black tea with a slight lemon taste. Going to second loopie’s suggestion of oxidation. This beer is definitely oxidized, and having a sample in my glass, I get that flavor.

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Why oh why would you treat my favorite beer like like!?!?!

All joking aside I can say I never had Moon Man sitting for almost a year. Have a trip planned in August as I will try to get tix to The Great Taste of the Midwest. May only bring back as much Moon Man as I can. :imp:

Moonman is my favorite NG offering.

Their fat squirrel is a very good nut brown offering… Sneezles61

Never been to that brewery. or WI :slight_smile:

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