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Dunkel Fermentation shortened

I brewed a Munich Dunkel on 11/19 and pitched a big starter I made with 300ml 2nd gen wy2206 Bavarian Lager yeast at 50 degrees. Signs of active fermentation on 11/20.

Kept it at 50 until 11/27 when the krauesen fell then let it start to ramp up slowly to mid 60s.

Yesterday 11/30 I somehow got it in my head I should start to lager it so I put it in the lager fridge without even taking a gravity reading…

Today when it dawned on me what I’d done I took a reading and it’s at 1.018 which is 66% attenuation. Doesn’t taste bad at all even flat.

Still I’d like to see it get a bit lower FG so I decided to pull it out of the lager chamber and let it warm up to see if that will rouse the yeast a bit. Ambient in the room is 68-70. I figure I’ll let it sit for a few days and see if I get any activity or at least some off gassing.

Can’t hurt right?

No it shouldn’t hurt and I would think that warming it back up will get it to drop a few more points. Also, you might be surprised just how long the thermal mass prevented that entire beer to drop to lagering temps.

You’re right Josh. The fermometer read 42ish when I pulled it out.

Can’t hurry those lagers! I usually just resign myself to leaving them in the primary for at least 4 weeks. I try to keep myself busy with other beers so I don’t try to hustle a lager along. :smiley:

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