Dumb question?

I moved my carboy from my basement to the kitchen counter last Tues. The temp of the beer went from 64 to 72 and it looks like there is activity in the beer. Almost like when it first starts fermenting. Also the top was clear but now it looks like a foam is building up. Is the warm temp starting another fermentation? Thanks to all who respond.

Is this your primary or secondary? It’s probably just a little bit of a continuation of fermentation if it’s primary. The warmth probably woke the yeast up a little and the movement may have excited them but I’d guess it’ll likely subside in a day or so if the fermentation had already “completed”, though admittedly I’m not a true expert, I’ve only done 5 batches myself. How’s it looking?

What you’re seeing is the dissolved CO2 off gassing. As the beer warms it is less able to maintain the CO2 that was dissolved during fermentation. This is why priming calcs ask for the highest temp the beer reached.

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