!DUMB QUESTION ALERT!covering kettle when cooling or no?

should you cover the kettle when chilling?

You can if you want. I dont believe that there would be any harm from doing so.

I do it just to keep stuff out. We brew outside, so I don’t want any critters, pine needles, etc… getting in there.

sometimes I cover in the summer if there are flys or bees around or if its really windy and Im worried about leaves or dirt blowing in there. It slows the cooling process so if I feel comforatble with the environment I try to leave it uncovered.

As a matter of course, I always cover after boil.

During the boil…whatever. During the cool down, keeping the lid on prevents using a wort chiller (using mine anyway). Not to mention, if you have something on your lid during the cool down, the condensation can drip into the wort and spoil the batch. Sanitize your lid properly and you shouldn’t have any troubles.

I agree with the condensation. Also I’ve read that you should leave the lid off during boil because some baddies will evaporate out of the water.

Yes. Why risk infection after the protective heat of the boil. I boil with the lid partially off and wipe the condensation from under the lid during the boil. The lid is sanitized and will protect the wort from airborne nasties during the chill.

I use a counter-flow chiller, but when I used an IC (still use it sometimes) I had a notched lid to accommodate the chiller lines. My lid stays half on during the boil. It’s sanitized by the heat.

I never cover the kettle when chilling. By not covering it, it allows me to move my chiller in circles to expedite the cooling process. Never had an issue in close to 100 batches.

+1. I put a single piece of wide heavy duty aluminum foil over the opening of my keggle and pinched around the IC lines before they connect to hoses. I normally wait about five minutes before starting to chill, which sanitizes the foil, which already is quite sanitary fresh off of the roll. I lift up one side of the foil “lid” to stir every minute or 2 or 3, and then close it down again and pinch the foil around the spoon near the handle end to hold it in place where it rests against the edge of the opening until next time I stir, so that the spoon remains uncontaminated (sanitized before use though). Unless it’s dead of winter there are too many bugs, or neighbors mowing their lawns, or other things borne by the wind I don’t want to worry might get into my wort once it gets below about 160F.

you shouldn’t boil with the lid on. boiling off steam is important. There should be at least 10% open - for steam to escape.

If you leave the lid on, you might have a beer full of DMS.

I keep the lid half on, when i chill. I dont have a notched lid for my IC. I’ve never had a problem

I only place the cover on when cooling during the summer. Seems there are more flies, bees, dog hair, pollen, grass, etc flying around in the summer.

Probably much the same during the winter; but have never had any issues either way.