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Drying liquid yeast

So is there anyone or is it possible. To dry. Liquid. Yeast. Me thinking. After collecting. And washing yeast. Can i dry the yeast. Store it in a sealed bag. If so saves space in the fridge. From the dryed yeast. Make a starter again

Make a yeast ring.


That’s fascinating… Sneezles61

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This is way cool. Got the idea. When i was reading. A artical. From voss. The one who using. Kveik. Lots. Now they say you can dry it in the oven. But Me thinking. Once i harvest the yeast. From the fermentor. Instead. Of putting it into a mason jar. For next brew session. Why not. Use one of these. Hydration kitchen machines. They got one at the restaurant. And see if this works.

I think it’s safe with Kviek but I would be worried with less strong varieties.
I’m now using the smallest mason jars to store in and I have no issues

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Very cool article on the yeast ring @squeegeethree

I’m surprised no one has started making the rings and selling them. Sounds pretty labor intensive though.

Edit: Figured someone was on this. Looks like somebody is making them on a 3d printer. I wonder if the plastic holds yeast as well as the wood? I guess in the nooks and crannies?


Thats a nice collection. Love the small mason jar.

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