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Dry steamed rice

I’m trying to make my first ‘malt rice’ and my ad hoc rice steaming set up resulted in sticky… but dry rice. I believe the water evaporated from the bottom which heated the rice up quite a bit. Is it okay to add a bit of water to moisten it up?

Well I’m incubating this is a well controlled food dehydrator with bowl of water to increase humidity and plastic wrap over the rice. But no sign of any odor yet and it’s been 14 hours.

I’m also wondering about the prep for steaming. The directions on the spore pack say 2 hours of soak before steaming… but various places on the internet say 12 hours.

Anyway… Keep going or change something???

Keep going.

If the steamed rice grains are somewhat dry on the outside, translucent, somewhat rubbery, and have some tendency to stick each other but not really to your hands, then you did it right. Steamed rice should not seem wet on the outside at all. As long as the rice is tender all the way through (that is, not crunchy in the middle), then your rice has soaked long enough and steamed properly.

The prep for steaming is to wash and then soak your rice. Soaking anywhere from an hour up to 12 hours is fine. If you want to be real precise about it, then look for your rice to absorb 25%-33% of its own mass in water. If you start with 4 cups of dry rice, you want to see it occupy 6 cups after soaking.

See my rice steaming instructions
for a step-by-step guide.

Thank you…

Yeah I found your guide after I started. It’s still going… but it’s likely I will have to start over. I’ve messed with it by adding some water etc. I will see how it looks this morning. I’ve now ordered a proper rice steamer and have rice prepared that has soaked much longer.

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