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Dry lager yeast results

I grabbed some backup dry yeasts the other day and got some sa-23 because there wasn’t any 34/70 left. Anyone use it? Ive used 34/70 before and thought it good. Opinions please

I’ve used S-23 before and I had good results. Some brewers dislike the potential for fruit flavored notes in its yeast flavor profile, but I really never had an issue with those. Can be used in a wide variety of brews…i.e. for lagers as well as lower temp ales.
Here’s an old thread from a greener, noobier version of myself…

I have not used S-23 yet but plan to try it in near future. In fact I have a pack in my refrigerator as we speak so I will use it this year. Some report it as being excessively fruity and better when fermented warm than cold. I might split a batch and try it both ways, warm vs. cold. If memory serves, Denny hates this yeast. But, I figured, the only way to know for sure if I like it or not is to experiment with it myself. Soon. Not sure when, but soon.


Well here’s am update. I pitch 2 packs of the SA-23 to a .062 Pilsner at about 60° and it started perking after couple hours. Never had that quick a start with us-05. Going to ferment it i the low 50s

I don’t know tastes more like an ale. Ill let it clean up some more but disappointed so far. Maybe i fermented to warm. I mean its drinkable but its not bitter enough for one needs some more carbonation also. Ill get back in a week or 2


Hmmm. Good news is it’s a lager… so Flavor profile may improve with more time as you said. Fermenting in the low 50s should have been fine.

Actually ended up in the mid 50s so that may be it. Usually i ferment under 50. Have been having trouble with controlling my fermentation freezer temperature

Update! Now that it’s clearing up ad increased the CO2 its much improved. Still wouldn’t use the sa-23 over the 34/70 but does fine just seemed slower to clear. I actually did a secondary with this beer and i didn’t feel it cleared any faster than a 48 hr cold crash at 20°f. I still prefer the Bavarian Lager yeast to all

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