Dry hops

Have my IPA kegged and dry hopped for about a month now and the dry hop nose seems to have dissipated. Now I’ve made this exact recipe numerous times and the taste and aroma have lasted till the keg kicked. The only thing I changed is the hops supplier so I’m assuming that is it. How long does your dry hops last?

Hey brew cat, that aint cool when the hops leave the party before its done. I had some of the same but I came to the conclusion that the keg had a slow leak, I had to air it up too often. I do use the lubricant around the lid O ring, and alway,always feel around the seat before locking it up. See I don’t leave my kegs hooked up, but rather to add as I consume. Seems the CO2 lasts longer. Other than that, oh yeah, friends seem to know when to show up so my IPA’s won’t last long here. :cheers:

I don’t think it’s leaking but I just sprayed it with starsan to make sure. I know the tank is low though it still reads10*. I usually put some hops in the fermenter then more when I keg, this time I put it all in the keg. I’m convinced it was the hops. The store I got it from has their growers for leaf hops local stuff. I usually get it from another store that sells hop union brand which I think is west coast and stronger. It was cascade.

When I dry hop in the keg aroma last the whole keg. I just kicked a keg of ipa that I brewed in dec and when I purged the co2 from the empty keg it still had an awesome hop smell.

I guess if was carbonation after all. My co2 tank kicked and upon replacing it the hop character is back. I guess the effervescence really does affect the taste. 8)