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Dry Hopping Question

I am going to brew the Chinook extract IPA from NB. Last time I did it I just added the hops directly into the glass carboy and then racked the beer on top when I did the secondary. It came out fine, but it had some sediment. This time I was going to sanitize a hop bag, place the hops in said bag, and then toss the bag into the carboy and rack on top. Is this a good plan? I was only going to secondary for a week.

I use a bag when I dry hop. Works great. I just drop it in the primary for the last 5 days. You can still get a little haze from it but nothing a good cold crash won’t take care of.

How do you cold crash?

Cold crashing is done after you’re sure fermentation is complete. You get the temperature as cold as possible (but above freezing) for a day or two. If you bottle you can do it right before you bottle. If you keg it happens in the first few days after it’s kegged and you’re carbonating it.

I don’t know if it matters but I suspend the bag with some string . I have a stainless steel bolt in the hop sack and I suspend it about halfway in the fermentor.

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