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Dry Hopping in a Corny Keg

I made a Citrus IPA a month and a half ago with 3 oz of Sorachi Ace hops (1 ounce added at 60, 30, and 20 minutes) along with some lemon peel at flameout.

A friend of mine was over while I was brewing last week, and we gave it a sample from the keg.
It has a great flavor to it (similar to a malty Little Sumpin Sumpin), but there is definitely a lot more malt present than hops.

I plan to dry hop it in the keg some more to boost up the flavor, but I’m afraid that if I keep throwing Sorachi at it, it will basically become 'Lemon-ale".

What do you recommend to put in, and how much?


Amarillo, Centennial, Cascade, Nugget, or Falconer’s Flight (which contains Sorachi) would all work for a dryhop. I would start with an oz and check it after a week, add a little more if there’s not enough character.

Another option would be some Citra. It doesn’t take much though.

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