Dry hopping cause airlock bubbles?

My airlock has shown no signs of activity for 2 weeks and was already a week past what was recommended for primary fermentation I just have not had time to bottle it. I decided to add an oz if citra hops a few days ago and dry hop for a week until I can bottle , but my dilemma is that the airlock has started bubbling again. Is this normal after adding dry hops or am I still fermenting some? I figured it was done after 3 weeks 2 of which had no airlock activity. I took a fg sample and it was 1.08 which seemed to indicate it had fermented nicely. Thanks for the input.

Normal. The hops create nucleation points for the dissolved CO2 which then comes out of solution.

Thanks! I was pretty concerned with that. I wanted to bottle on Thursday but didn’t want a bottle bomb on my hands ha. Thanks again

Nucleation points. You guys never cease to amaze me with the Bill Nye stuff. :grinning: