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Dry Hopping Caribou Slobber

I’m curious if anyone has tried dry hopping or adding anything to secondary in this recipe and if so if you have anything to recommend?

I say go for it. Probably want to use something like U.S. Goldings or Willamette. Never done it myself but it’s gaining hopped browns are a very real thing. Had a few good ones in my day

i saw a recipe that called for 2 oz of centennial to be dry-hopped. not sure how that would mix with the hops in caribou slobber, but may try that. Any thoughts?

I don’t generally think of a malty flavor profile being enhanced by a generous dry-hopping. But it’ll drink either way. 2oz of Cents would make a nice bright grapefruit flavor/aroma.

Avery’s new porter is dry hopped with cascade and columbus.

Would work on a brown as well. Maybe 0.50 - 0.75oz of each.

So this would be a New World Slobber?

i chickened out and went with the Williamette since they are recommended for Browns. I am going to dry hop with 2 oz for a week though, so we’ll see how it goes.

Sounds like a good plan, let us know what you think if the beer.

i transferred to secondary last night. i added 2 oz of williamette and decided, at the last minute, to add .5 oz of warrior. i also increased the boil to 3.5 gal of water instead of the recommended 2.5 gal. it is closer in color to a Porter and smells really good.

I bottled the Slobber about two weeks ago and tried a few over the weekend. I ended up with 2 oz. of Williamette and .5 oz of Warrior in dry hop for about 2.5 weeks. I did not use anything to try to sink the hops in secondary, so they floated on the top and i dont believe they made much of a contribution to the beer. I pulled to hop socks out of secondary, after bottling, and the pellets were more of a sandy consistency.

I did do a few other things that deviated from the recipe that seemed to add flavor. I used 3.5 gal of water in my boil and ended up steeping for close to 45 min, while i waited for the water to get to 160 degrees. I did each of these to absorb as much of the grain flavor as possible. The result is a nicely flavored, brown ale. While the dry-hopping didnt work as I had hoped, the beer is nicely flavored.

I just tasted my finished product of the Carribou Slobber. Wow, this is absolutely the best kit I’ve made so far. I didn’t add anything to it and loved it. It’s actually one of the few kits I’ve had that I don’t think anything really needs to be added. It’s spot on.

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