Dry Hopping Carbonated beer...beer volcano?

I need to add some more hop punch to my black IPA, problem is it’s already carbonated. Last time I just added hops in a muslin bag to my carbonated beer I got a beer volcano and lost 1/4 of my beer. Anyone else had this problem? Any alternative? Hop Tea?

never had this problem. Leaf hops?

Open the keg and gently set the hops on top of the beer. Close the keg imediatley and purge the head space. After the head space is purged and the keg is repressureized, disconnect the gas and give it a shake to make sure the hops get wet, then wait for the CO2 to be reabsorbed into the beer before hooking up the gas again.

Make sure you do not have any weights in the muslin bag with the hops, because as soon as the hop bag sinks, a volcano will ensue. This is why you want to float the bag and seal the keg before you unleash the volcano.

Pellet hops, I am nervous because last time it was a volcano and the beer was so over carbonated it was almost undrinkable.

I know people do this, but I just don’t understand how pellet hops in a muslin bag are going to work in a keg. Don’t you end up with floaters in every glass?

Nope, but I use a woman’s knee-high nylon stocking rather than a muslin bag. Cheers!!!

The hops would not have any effect on the carbonation in the glass.