Dry hopper

Santa brought the wife and I one of those mesh tubes for in-the-keg dry hopping. About 1.5 ounces of pellet went in the 3-gallon keg.

Freaking LOVED the results. And the beer was perfectly clear too.

As must happen, the keg finally kicked, and it may be coincidence, but it was also the first time a kicking keg took out one of my faucets. I couldn’t even blast line cleaner through it. I ended up having to pull the faucet and clean the crud out from the inside.

Sooo, did I do something wrong? Or Is this just one of the risks of pellet hops in the keg?

I have several of these and dry hop in the keg routinely. Have never had it clog the faucet.

Thanks, coincidence then…

I have used spice balls to dry hop for years. Never a problem except a couple of times when they busted open due to the clasp failing. Then the dip tube clogged up. Once so badly I finally had to release the pressure and rack into another keg.

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I was wondering if the top popped off by chance.

I would bet on it.

You do get just a small amount of green stuff from the pellets… Kinda why I like whole cones… But, I like both of them… brew enhancement? Sneezles61

Top didn’t pop off my dry-hopper. Whole hops though… never used them… might be interesting popping that cherry

^^^^^^^ :dizzy_face: Sneezles61

I’ve been dry hopping in the keg for years. Never had this happen either with paint strainer bags or the mesh tube.