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Dry hoping with pellets

I’m about to dry hop a suriously furious. When I add the hop to the secondary, do I need to soak them or anything? When I did this once before, they add floated on the surface and created a crust on top of the beer… What the right way to do this?

Dump them in, then gently swirl the carboy to ensure that all the hops are wet, after a day or so that should all be submerged for the most part.

Just like Greg said and then after about 2 weeks, they will mostly fall to the bottom.

I put them in a muslin bag that also has some sanitized marbles in it. It eventually sinks or at least is submerged and has full contact with the beer. When done, I rack the beer and then try to fish the bloated bag out of the neck of the carboy. The other option (if possible) is to dry hop in a keg. For that, I also use a muslin bag and I tie a piece of thread to it. Drop in the bag and run the thread out through the hatch of the keg and seal it as usual. If the keg is not ready to be served or the hops have been in there long enough (for whatever the reason), you can open the keg and pull the bag out. Cheers.

Thanks guys - always good advice.

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