Dry hop wheat beer?

have a T-can and Bearcat wheaten beatdown (AG) beer going.
2 weeks in primary now.
planning on 3-4 weeks primary and then bottle, to be ready for Memorial Day.

What about dry hopping this beer?
with Cascade? (this is the late addition hop in this recipe).


I have something I called ‘Hoppenweiznen’ On tap right now. Not fully carbed yet, but tasting great!

6lbs wheat malt
3lbs pils
1lb flaked wheat
8oz cara 20
4oz C120

FWH 1oz Admiral
Dry hop 2oz Cascade

Wyeast Weihenstephan Weizen 3068

The admiral FWH add a nice light hop flavor and bitterness. Not at all strong or overpowering. The dry hop is coming through nicely! Leaving the dry hop in for the duration of the keg.

If you like hop aroma and flavor then by all means go for it. My wife likes wheats because they are low on bitterness and hop flavor, she enjoys the grainy/wheat flavor by itself or with a fruit syrup.

Although it’s not to style for any wheat beer I’m aware of, I say go for it. I’m planning to dry hop a wheat I brewed last Saturday. I went with a single hop (Glacier) in the kettle and will use the same to dry hop.

I know of a few commercial products that are dry hopped. Boulevard is planning to package a “hoppy wheat” that they’ve been testing for over a year. It’s a dry-hopped version of their Unfiltered Wheat. They dry hop with Cascade. Very tasty.

Three Floyds Gumball Head is a hoppy wheat that seems to have a following.

thanks everyone,
good info as always!

I’m going to give it a go.