Dry Hop Question

This is my first dry hop experience. I added 2 oz. of pellet hops to the secondary before racking to it. I let it set at about 66 deg F for a few days and then cold crashed it. I read somewhere you are supposed to warm the beer back up before transferring to the keg so I did but now some of the hops are floating on the top.

  • Should I crash it again or just transfer it to the keg?

  • When cold crashing is it necessary to warm it back up before racking to the keg?



It is my opinion that you should dry hop from 7-10 days outside of the fridge and then cold crash it for a few days prior to transferring. The colder you can get it, the better. By transferring it cold, you’ll likely leave more stuff behind in the carboy.

New one for me. Not sure why someone would advocate to warm it back up to transfer to keg… I always rack to keg ice cold and have no ill effects. I would probably cold crash again to make it a bit easier/save beer but it’s not critical.

Dry hopping best done at warmer temps. Cold crashing done to drop out suspended yeasts and such. Cold crashing, just like lagering, is done last.

Once cold, you should have no reason to warm it up again

Thanks - back in the frig then the keg.