dry hop question

I have a batch of Dennys wry smile IPA ready for 2ndary. Since this will be kegged,I plan on going directly to the corney instead of a secondary fermentation.

Am I better off adding the dry hops at room temp and holding that temp for a while or just put the
corney right in the kegorator ? I’ve read that the dry hops work faster at the higher temp, but will it
make much difference in the intensity of aroma either way ?


IME, makes a noticeable difference in how fast you achieve the dryhopped character if you leave the keg at room temp for a week, then put it in the fridge. Adding a second, small dryhop as it goes in the fridge will help keep it tasting fresh, too.

I put the dry hops in the keg, then the keg goes right into the fridge. I haven’t found it to make much difference one way or the other.

I’m with shadetree and with all due respect to Denny (and it is his recipe) I notice a very big difference in character depending on the temp at which I dry hop. Then again I use leaf for dry hopping exclusively. You’ll have to decide for yourself.