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Dry hop in the keg--what now?

So i 'm making an alt beer, and it called for dry hopping. I put the hops in a muslin bag, put some fishing line around it, and had the bright idea of leading the line outside of the keg and then removing in a week. Well, the top wouldn’t seal with the fishing line, so I just dumped everything into the keg. The kegs will be ready for the fridge as soon as I finish my current one. Question is, do I try to open the kegs and fish out the bags/hops, or just call it a day and leave the hops in the keg?

I’ve dry hopped in kegs and never even thought of removing the hops until the keg was empty. I sink the hop bag to the bottom with a weight and leave it. When I am cleaning the empty keg and retrieve the bag it always smells great. I don’t see any reason to pull it in a week or several months.

Put a little extra keg lube on the oring right where the line passes over it through the lid and it’ll seal up.

Next time try Teflon tape instead of fishing line.

Wow, Teflon tape. I never considered that. That’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing that.


Dental Floss works for me.

Both good ideas for next time. So for now, do I leave it or go on a fishing expedition?

I always leave mine in the keg till it kicks.

I’ve left hops in my kegs, you do see more and more dry hop character over time.

You might consider transferring the beer to another keg via pressure if you have a couple of liquid keg fittings you can stick on a piece of hose. It’d be a lot safer than fishing for the bag.

I might try dry hopping in the keg for the next one in line (an IPA brewed last Saturday). Do you leave the keg at room temp for 7-10 days to dry hop it? Or do you just drop the hops in and throw it in the fridge to carbonate?

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