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Dry hop bags

Generally I dry hop in hop bags because I feel it helps to make my dry hopped beers nice and clean and clear. Am I missing something in utilization?

I don’t think so. I’ve been doing the same for years, until I recently started using the stainless steel mesh dry hop cylinders… Someone sad a few years ago that when you bag you should increase the hops by 10%. I’m not sure how they arrived at that amount and I’ve never done it or felt it was necessary. I’ve been happy with the results I’ve always gotten.

I was wondering if if clarity would suffer by adding without the bag

Done some bagging… done some with stainless steel balls… even just dumped loose hops into the final days in the fermenter… I don’t think I could tell the difference…
However, I am curious about this breaking up the whole cones and tossing them in… Sneezles61

I think you can use finings to clear it up… The cold crash and waiting won’t help some of the hop forward brews…
Although, a ceramic mug has helped out tremendously… :grin: Sneezles61

I DH in the keg so the bag or mesh cylinder is a must. First few pours are sometimes a bit gritty. After that they’re clear as a bell. I’ll post a pick later…I have to drive to town to get the pup from the vet in a few hours so wouldn’t be prudent to start consuming now even though it’s technically after lunch time…haha

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I stopped dry hopping the keg and have enjoyed the results. As far as hop debris floating in the beer I’m not a fan.

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Me either! Mine always clear after the first couple so it’s working for me.

I prefer warm dry hop vs cold. I’ve always just tossed them in loose.

There is a difference between hops free range and cloistered. But I think some movement kind of shakes things up. I have the Depth Charge and it comes with a plunger device. I agitated and I think I get better results. You know the difference your window screens make in cutting off a nice breeze and you know you stir your noodles after dumping them in the boiling water.

I didn’t have a problem with clarity dry hopping in the keg I just didn’t like the taste as it got to the end of the keg. I never pulled them. Don’t like opening a sealed keg if I don’t have to

I noticed the hops are a little compacted in the sacks. Has anyone tried free floaing then putting a hop sack over the end of the siphon for transfer

I used to use hop bags for Dry Hopping but always had to find a weight to put in it to hold it down (sanitize it first)…
Then I switched to SS Hop Cans and it was so much easier.

They can hold up to 2 oz leaf hops.

Please post NB link if they also sell it.

Yes. I’ve put several filters on the racking cane at the same time going from coarse (stainless hop container) to fine (muslin bag). It works. I think @flars used to put a sack on the discharge into the bottling bucket.

I’ve usd bags for hopping but you need to make sure you don’t over stuff them. I have and found barely moist hops on the interior. Same thing with the stainless hopping gizmos.

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I try not to put more than 1oz per sack. As far as weighting I’ve never found it necessary when I open the fermenter to transfer they are always on the bottom I imagine the same thing happens in the keg. Actually I think it’s better if they float awhile so the oxygen released is near the surface where it can be purged after a day or two

That’s a big red flag for me…agitate after fermentation? NOPE. Too much potential for oxidation.

I dry hop in bags in the keg and have not had any clarity issues. I leave em for the duration of the keg and don’t weight them in any way. I dry hop out of the kegerator for 3-7 days depending and then put it into the keg to carb. I hadn’t thought about purging O2 because I typically seal it up with CO2 and purge it a couple times, but then don’t touch the prv again. I usually grab a batch of 10 when I hit up the LHBS just to keep some on hand. I typically dump the first pour out of a keg, then they run clear.


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You don’t notice the flavor different towards the end of the keg?. I’m sure it’s not a problem with a keg you drink fast but if they are around for awhile I feel it gets a little old hop flavor closer to the bottom. That said if I have an older pale ale I’ve freshened it up with a bag in the keg but then drank it quickly before oxygenation kicked in a day or two

My MO is very similar to @radagast

Can’t say I’ve noticed any change in flaor, just some loss in aroma as kegs age. My IPA kegs usually last about a month.

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