(Dry) hop bags

Last night I transferred my NEIPA v4 from primary to Keg for keg hopping/eventual carbonation. I had dry hopped 4 ounces of hops in primary using a hop bag, ostensibly to reclaim that bag for reuse…however given the late hour and perceived hassle factor I was envisioning as I eyed that yeast and trub saturated bag, I simply threw it in the trash.

How many people reuse these bags versus tossing them in the trash??

I have reused nylon bags a few times until they get gross…muslin bags go right in the trash.

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I use paint strainer bags.They work great dump the hops rinse them and throw them in the laundry. I keep reusing them until they are threadbare


Heck yeah reuse them. Rinse the hops out, soak in PBW. Good as new.

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I have a SS basket that used to be my BIABasket… Works wonderfully! Sneezles61

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I have one of those too. I’m not sure if you get good isomerization using the stainless basket though. I notice the wort doesn’t boil inside the basket.

I do recirc through, but, even so, I get good utilization… Don’t we get a good benefit from whirl pooling? Sneezles61

The muslin bags are 35 cents each at my LHBS I think. In the boil they work and go right in the trash after. For dry hopping with pellet hops those spice balls work good. Whole hops I go with the muslin bags again.

Anything to help simplify clean up. I’ve always said for a guy that doesn’t like doing dishes, I picked a stupid hobby.

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I use paint strainer bags many, many times. Just dump out the hops, rinse/dry, starsan before next use.

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I actually have a stainless steel tube for dryhopping that I use constantly. its in extremely fine filter too so nothing gets through. $20 on amazon and I need more of them, Plus, they fit in my kegs and I can tie fishing line to them for ease of removing them from the kegs while still having a good seal.

For $0.35 a piece…I will just save the time of cleaning my old paint strainer bags.

CM 14" Muslin, Grain Steeping, Beer Brewing, Hops Bags (100 Pack) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MT5YA1Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_-khgzbDNPRCV8

I bought the Wilser bags… They are indestructible! But won’t let the wort out either… My old SS brew basket is now my hop filter as I brew… Works fine! Sneezles61

Paint strainer bags are a tighter weave than any muslin bags that I’ve seen. Keeps more of the hops particles from escaping into the beer.