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Dry dock paragon apricot wheat with WY1007 and 1/2 wheat?

Hi All,
I would like to make an apricot wheat.
my last few have been 1/2 wheat, 1/2 2-row, hoppy, ale yeast and apricot extract and they were good, but…
I am ready to upgrade to using the apricot puree.

I have WY 1007 slurry (I love this yeast!)

my question is:
I’d like to follow the paragon apricot wheat all grain recipe
but with 1007 yeast
and 1/2 wheat?
and Cascade as called for in recipe.

I think it sounds about right…


could you post the paragon recipe? Do you mean 1/2 the wheat that they use in the recipe, or half of your grist? I assume the latter. But if its been working for you, I would just change one thing at a time and 50/50 2r/wheat sounds reasonable.

With respect to the apricot flavoring, keep in mind you can always supplement the puree at packaging with extract. All extracts really are (should be) are the fruit soaked in ethanol as a solvent to extract the volatile aroma compounds. You can also make your own quite easily.

Just a suggestion if you really dig the apricot flavor and aroma: you may want to try to layer in more depth of aroma with a complimentary hop bill. I find Commodore Perry by GLBC to have a great Apricot aroma, but maybe a little too hoppy for what you are going for. Cascade and maybe fuggle/simcoe sounds right. check out this thread, maybe it will give you some ideas for hops to use.


good luck-

hey, thanks for the feedback.

I love the idea of complimentary hop bill!

Paragon apricot blonde recipe NB
10# 2-row
1# C-20

.5 oz cascade 60 min

1 can apricot puree 2-3 days after start fermentation
4 oz apricot extract at bottling

1056 WY

Yes, to changing one thing at a time…
maybe keep the grain bill the same, and change the yeast to 1007.
and expand the hops to Cascade/fuggle/simcoe

I just made a SMASH with 2-row/WY1007/simcoe and it’s very tasty.


looks like a winner to me. I would add your three hops in equal measurements (maybe 1/3oz each?) at 10, 5, and flameout, or better yet, flameout, during chilling (hopstand), and dry hop (this will bump the aroma more than the others)

dry hop after your fruit secondary.

wow, 2-row/1007/simcoe, that is a bare-bones beer, but I like it! Sounds like a great summer blonde/apa. My simplest recipes are almost always my best.

ok, this recipe is taking shape!

hop schedule:

.5 oz cascade at 60 min (or simcoe maybe?) or both?

then as you suggest
about 1/3 oz cascade, 1/3 oz simcoe at following:
dry hop

I have to enter the recipe yet, figure out the total IBUs
probably about 35 or so?


I would just do cascade, or even a neutral hop like magnum/warrior.

I have to enter the recipe yet, figure out the total IBUs
probably about 35 or so?


Yes, it will have higher measured IBU’s than you probably would like, but I would just move more of the hops later in the boil or to dry hop if the number gets too high.

perfect, thanks.

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