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Drilling Firestone Challenger VI gas in port

Has anyone drilled a Firestone Challenger VI keg to swap the plastic dip tube for a SS replacement? The plastic tube is narrower and it won’t fit the SS tube. Wondering if it was worth it or if I should just use the plastic tube. From what I gather the plastic tubes are hard to find replacements.

Please show a picture… I’m not sure of what you are trying to replace… Sneezles61

The ball lock keg I got is a Firestone Challenger VI. The gas in tube as shown is plastic and smaller diameter than a SS gas dip tube. I ended up finding a tutorial online showing how to drill out the gas in dip tube port to use the readily available SS gas dip tube. The port was 5/16" about 1/4" down then it reduced making a regular 5/16" SS tube not fit. It is now drilled out to accommodate the other style tube. The reason I wanted to replace it was the flange on the plastic tube is warped. Also the rebuild of rings sets don’t fit snug around the plastic tube.

Fascentating Jim, (star treck) why do you even need that piece? Can you just make it air tight without? Rubber washers or something similar? Sneezles61

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I’d want stainless for a dip tube, but for the gas in, I wouldn’t worry about it so much.

Yes that might have worked as well. Didn’t have much for washers or o rings but I had a power tool oh oh oh (tim allen grunt).

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Yes that makes sense. Just wanted to make sure it had a good tight seal.

I’m with you… behold the power of home brew and an imagination to create! Just like the documentary, how beer saved the world! Sneezles61

here’s the link in case someone has a similar question down the road.

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