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Dribbling pour

I have a keg tapped into a fridge. Just kegged a fresh batch. The pour comes out as a tiny trickle.

-C02 is fine. Tested the pour at pressures ranging from 5 to 35, same effect.
-checked and cleaned dip stick for possible clogs 4 times. No evidence of clog.
-tried another tap. No change.
-when I flushed out the cleaning solution before kegging there was no problem.

  • I’ve tried tilting the keg to various angles before pouring, no effect.
  • lines appear clean and unkinked.

Any thoughts?

And I checked for C02 leaks. There weren’t any.

Does another keg work OK on the tap? If so, it’s in the keg. Probably the poppet.

If the new keg is slow, it’s the tap.

When this happened to me it I had a piece of hops clogging the spring in my poppet.

If your fridge is set too cold, you can get freeze ups in the lines and even the liquid -out tube. That can slow things down to a trickle.

What the Professor suggested (freeze up) has definitely happened to me.

Thanks for sharing.

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