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Draught cleaning agents

I always clean my fermenting setup with dishwashing soap, i have never had any problems with this method so far, I am going to get into kegging, would there be anyproblems with using this same method for a keg syatem. Sorry if the answer to this question is obvious I have looked on the forums could not find much, Thank ya ll for the time

Shouldn’t be a problem, but make sure you rinse well, so you don’t get sick from any left over residue. When I clean my lines I send some PBW through the lines, and then rinsed with Star San. PBW is probably similar (perhaps less harsh) than dish washing detergent.

Honestly, I would steer away from using dish detergent on anything that is brewing related. That’s just me though. I wash everything with water, followed by sanitizer. PBW works well.

Oxy clean soak->Hot water Rinse->Star San Rinse

I shoot some Oxyclean through the line, then send through hot water a few times, then push some Star San through the line. If I’m not hooking anything new up to the line for a while, I’ll leave the star san in the line until it’s time.

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