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Dragons Milk Clone

I am thinking real hard about cloning Dragons Milk. Any ideas?

I am not sure of where to look to even get the start for it. I know its a great bourbon barrel aged stout. 11% ABV. I call it a dessert beer. FANTASTIC. Definitely want to clone this though.


Thanks for the link. Sounds like a winner to me. Think I’ll add a bit more bourbon to bring the ABV up to close to 11.

I’d bump up the grain bill to get it closer to the 11%ABV. Adding enough bourbon to go from 8% to 11% is probably going to be pretty boozy.

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Pretty easy to see I’m new to this huh? :grin: Thanks @porkchop.

This may also give you some ideas on how to brew it well.

Thanks for the info gentlemen.

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