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Double yeast

I cant seem to find the answer to this question…

if I have a recipe for say a cream ale, or a porter or whatever…guess the type isn’t relevant but anyhow

if I have some Safale US-05 Ale Yeast

what are the advantages or disadvantages to using 2 packs of yeast instead of one

would it ferment faster…
be ruined…
nothing at all I just wasted money on extra yeast

I have not done this, but am curious what the effect would be

thanks for any answers

if it is below 1.065 or so, you are in most cases overpitching and wasting yeast.

Will it be ruined? No.

Will you perceive it? Maybe.

Would I do it? No.

so in general its just a waste of money/yeast
thats just the answer I was looking for

I understand there are exceptions and reasons to add more
but those don’t apply to my question

I appreciate your help


The answer depends on the size of the yeast packet.

11.5g, like Blatz said.

5g, double packets.

Most of the yeast you will use come in 11g packets. Just be on the lookout for the size.

1 pack of us-05 can handle 1.070 easy, and then some.

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